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This is a bit of an ode to something that is so everyday, because we so often forget how good it really is. Plus, it’s a Wednesday and as all you Orange customers well know (and those who ask their sister to text them the 241 code…ahem) this day is reserved for Pizza Express and going to the cinema!

I was a real stickler for picking the La Reine (Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, mushrooms) for years and nothing else. Reluctantly, I then changed to Sloppy Giusseppe (Hot spiced beef, red onions, green peppers) but was so satisfied with this choice that I adamantly decided never to change my mind again…until NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen if you haven’t been introduced yet to Pizza Express’ holy grail then please get acquainted. Meet The Meatball Bolognese (Spiced Bolognese sauce, beef meatballs, fiery roquito peppers, mozzarella, rocket and grana padano).

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The Meatball Bolognese Pizza

Pizza Express

Various locations

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