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Walking into this Abercrombie of eateries really was an outing of sorts…think beautiful waiters (clearly part time models), but if you’re from the UK you must get with the US programme and realise that the endearing but silent guys who clear your plates and deliver your water are not the waiters!

This oh so trendy all night,all day hot spot has a take on home style American comfort food that really will knock your socks off. Some of the dishes, especially the desserts really have to be seen to be believed. They are GINORMOUS. It’s the sort of place where you nudge whoever you’re with to say ‘look, look.’ Truly, spectacularly, mountainous. I recommend sharing unless you have the appetite of a Hunger Games tribute.

I am going to focus on one dish in particular. This would be the Grilled Salmon BLT - Slab Bacon, Avocado, Arugula, Red Onion, Beefsteak Tomato, Pesto Mayo. Or, in a more simplified form; perfection.

The salmon is so fresh and succulent that you could have it on it’s own, but when complemented by the crispy, streaky bacon, the tang of the thinly cut red onion and the soft, ripe avocado mixed with the familiar taste of pesto, you will really start to see what I’m talking about. This has to be one of my Top 50 meals of all time. DEELISH!

The service is good and even if it isn’t at times, the waiters are so pretty that you don’t mind…they are trained to look at you like you’re Rosie Huntingdon whatserface and you respond, helpless, because they still look at you like that even after they’ve seen you scoff down the Grilled Salmon BLT…this place really is worth a visit. It’s counterpart downtown Delicatessen is along the same lines but not as friendly and not as good in my eyes.

Rate: 5

Feast your eyes on this beauty…


119 7th Avenue New York, NY 10010

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