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I’ve walked past this cosy eatery many a time and something about the buffet style food put me off; I have a thing about people breathing over food, picking up a bit, realising it isn’t quite as good as the next one, so, hoping no one will notice they put it back down. Anxieties aside, I’ve heard good things about this place and it’s always busy, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The food looked amazing, served tapas style, there’s a real assortment of things to try, covering all tastes. The Spinach & Sweet Potato Stack was deelish! The flavours were incredible and the texture was not too soft, it looked great too. The meatballs were definitely a highlight; good flavour and the sauce wasn’t bland, which is so often the case with plain tomato based sauces, although described as ‘Diablo’ it wasn’t spicy at all. The squid rings were light and not chewy at all, with a good salty crust.

The Deep Fried Aubergine Balls and the Salted Cod & Crab Croquetas were probably the best things on the menu (that I tried!) Unusual flavours and a really welcome change to when people try and do something different, but it turns out to be dull and flavourless (ahem…Da Polpo). The Chorizo & Manchego Bocadillo (mini-sandwich) looks like the bread might be a bit hard, but was actually beyond the pale of soft and fresh, so good! Pictured below is red-pepper stuffed with goats cheese…

I had an ice cold, fresh Watermelon Martini that was delectable. I tried really hard not to down it in one go, but I don’t think this is one of those places, so I refrained…

What I really liked about it was there was a really good vegetarian choice as well as all different kinds of meats and fish. Often a place can lean towards one style and Pix really embraced different flavours and cuisines well.

The desserts! We chose a Summer Fruit Chantilly and the Espresso Chocolate Cup (tasted far more of chocolate than of coffee) which were mouthwateringly good. The presentation was fantastic and it exuded something far more formal for the bar we were propped up at on a stool. Overall, the food was just great.

Now…I must confess something. I have withheld the negative. I really, really wanted to only say good things as the food was so good, but alas, there was a huge downfall. This came in the form of the three unwashed trendy-trends behind the bar. Oozing far to much with ‘cool’ to even wash their hair, I guess I shouldn’t have expected them to clear tables/make drinks/DO THEIR JOBS. The service was so, so bad. Unaccommodating, rude, lazy, forgetful etc. But the real kicker was when the bill came and an ‘optional’ 12.5% service had been added. GIVE OVER. So, I’ve had to ask you twice to clear away dirty plates from the people who were there before, I’ve had to ask for tap water 4 TIMES and not receive it until I’m onto dessert, I’ve served myself my food/cutlery/plate, there was no loo roll in the ladies and on top of it I’m going to pay you extra to do what exactly? Pick your bum and twiddle your thumbs? I totally agree with paying service charge…if service is provided and good. This was not.

So unfortunately a place that would have received a higher rating got downgraded because of their cruddy crud waiters.

Rate: 3.5


63 Neal Street  London, Greater London WC2H 9PJ

020 7836 9779


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