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Having been to Wahaca a handful of times and knowing I was never particularly impressed I then strangely had two encounters of it in the space of a few days. Perhaps I’d always ordered the wrong thing, but my opinion of the place has turned a complete 180.

I went to the pop up Wahaca on the South Bank last week, which was great, real hustle and bustle and a good atmosphere. Then yesterday due to a bit of a mishap with my mystery shop falling through, because the restaurant had had a power cut…we stumbled upon Wahaca at Stratford.
The layout of the restaurant is great, really clever, there’s a bay in the middle and on the far side there are some booths under a makeshift ‘shelter’ of plastic bottles. The effect is cool and it gives the place an eclectic ‘street’ style.
I thought we would order a few things to get a good mix and we shared it all so we could have a taste of everything!

First off some tortilla chips and fresh guacamole. This was great and not too much either, it’s annoying when you get so full at the beginning there’s no room for the main and hats off to anyone who can stop before the chip bowl is empty! The guac was authentic and the hints of lime throughout really made it quite special. Good fresh tortillas too.

The chicken quesadilla was delicious, fresh chipotle chicken mixed with a good amount of cheese on a fresh tortilla that was slightly crispy. We actually had to send the first batch back because it seems they had forgotten to put any chicken in half the quesadilla, or about half a teaspoon’s worth…they were very apologetic and even brought us an extra one on the house.

Next up we ordered a chicken burrito, this was far better than I expected. It seemed the more you ate the spicier it got, however it was a good kind of spicy. There was quite a lot of rice in there, I think it could have done with a little more chicken or black bean, but the rice was fresh, long grain and really made for a good change from the boring rice you get at Chipotle, this was definitely a little more thoughtful and fresher.

For the sides we chose the sweet potato and the corn. The sweet potato had been rubbed with spices and it made for a really great smoky taste. The sweet potato was crunchy on the outside and as smooth as silk on the inside. An innovative side and most definitely slicker than the average. The corn was ok, a little overly watery for some reason, I think diners to the right might have got a little spurted on them…and I wasn’t a fan of the cream/cheese on the corn, it was quite sweet and it didn’t complement it that well.

A good experience overall for sure. Worth a visit and thankfully it doesn’t have the feel of the gargantuan that is Westfield.

Rate: 3.8

Wahaca – Stratford

6 Chestnut Plaza  London E20 1GL

020 3288 1025


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