Bleecker Street Burger

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Bleecker Street Burger a few times. At the formidable Truck Stop and at the incredible Kerb at Kings Cross. It’s been one of the few burgers, and there is now a heap to choose from, that not only incorporates fine ingredients and a solid statement, but tastes exceptional.

It is the only beef burger, this side of the Atlantic, I feel has the essence of one you would find on the other side. Fault America for many things, but the burger is not one of them. A finely tuned product that understands the ‘grab and go’ mentality, without sacrificing satisfaction. Americans understand that service is vital and that sometimes having a smile or a brief conversation of pleasantries during what would otherwise be a mundane, humdrum experience can lift a person’s spirits more than one cares to realise. It really is the small things and the care taken to gain eye contact, show an interest and most of all, smile, makes it an experience. And isn’t that what we set out for? It can’t just be about the food, or the social interaction. We have to know that the proprietor has set out to bring a little happiness into their customer’s life. That thought has truly been the one true ingredient in their process.

I recently ventured over to Harringay Market and as I hopped off the tube at 2:54 pm at Manor House, roughly a 20 minute walk to the market, knowing that it closed at 3 pm, taking a chance, I tweeted Bleecker Street the following:

‘@bleeckerburger @HarringayMarket we’re 5 mins away (cutting it fine) please please please please save us 2 burgers!!! Will love you forever!’

As we sprinted though the roads and alleyways, I frantically checked my phone, hoping for some clue into whether they had packed up and gone for the year…they replied:

‘@laymytable @HarringayMarket move your ass!’

With glee we turned the final corner to see the black truck, in all it’s beauty, waiting patiently for us. They happily served us and noted that we were the very last customers of 2013 for Bleecker Street Burger. An accolade I am extremely fond of.

I had a single and Aky a double, plus fries and a coke. After a sprint that I didn’t know I had in me, it was the ultimate prize. Speaking to the owner and her colleague about how Bleecker Burger began, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the owner was a New Yorker and therefore understood what it took to make a burger worthy of the New York tag. There’s no need for anymore description, it’s just that good.

Bleecker Street BurgerYou can have your amateur imitations, there are definitely plenty of them, there’s only one burger in Britain and that’s Bleecker Street Burger.

Love, your last customer of 2013.

Rate: 5

Bleecker Street Burger

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