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I had the pleasure of attending the Basement Sate launch last night which lies where The Player Bar used to be on Broadwick Street. Completely revamped, the ceilings have even been raised to make it feel more spacious, this is unrecognisable from its predecessor.

There’s a speakeasy feel to it, by way of dark leather chairs, sofas and ottomans and low carved, copper topped coffee tables. The lighting is dusky and there’s even private booths at the rear which would be perfect for a sultry date or even an intimate gathering. With low lit lamps and a grand, wide, well stocked bar this place has a charm of the old fashioned but it definitely has a clean and modern feel to it too.

BartenderBasement Sate is unbelievably on trend; it serves desserts and cocktails. Its concept is genius as it focuses on the flavours and ingredients of both, making for both a memorable evening and a chance to try food and drink that’s a little bit different to the norm. It stays within your comfort zone, however, by providing sweet treats and delectable drinks. It seems like an autumnal/wintery, after dark sort of place where you can indulge in food, get a little tipsy and perhaps meet a tall, dark stranger. It has an ambience of cool and relaxed to it, with a dash of fancy.

BarA list of the cocktails we tried were:

Beet Me Up – Vodka, Beetroot, Ginger, Moscato (there was also grapefruit within it)

Arboriculturist – Calvados, Cinnamon & Pear Syrup, Sherry

Eagle In The Tub – Gin, White Port, Fernet Branca, Ginger Ale

The Beet Me Up was a deep, blood red served in a rounded martini glassĀ  and had an earthy tone, reminding me of mulled wine a little, but it had a tart spark to it from the grapefruit. A good alternative to your standard cosmo!

Beet Me UpThe Arboriculturist was refreshing, quite unnoticeably strong and felt like a wintery cocktail, Christmassy almost, I’m sure because of the cinnamon.

ArboriculturistThe Eagle In The Tub was probably the most drinkable but equally the least distinct. It’s definitely the sort of place where you need to try something a little different.

Eagle In The TubFor the desserts we had a selection to try from, my favourite, which wasn’t listed on the menu, a small slice that’s base tasted like almond cake, similar to a Bakewell Tart and, on top, a delicious, peach compote. It was just the right balance of smooth and tart.

peach sliceThe Mini Mille-Feuille Chocolat was incredibly decadent, described as ‘petit enfance’ chocolate cake, dulce chocolate mousse, chocolate triangle. It had all the right textures and clearly a great deal of chocolate, but in no way sickly. A wonderful after dinner treat.

This is the perfect spot for your next date, to engage in a good gossip with your friends or even to meet someone new. My one piece of advice would be to somehow incorporate some live jazz, or other such sultry tones, there’s a perfect space for it in the rounded bar area and it would add even more ambience to an already glowing space.

Head on down to experience it for yourself, it opens its doors to the public tonight!

Rate: 4

Basement Sate

8 Broadwick St, Soho, London W1F 8HN

020 7287 3412

Follow them on Twitter @BasementSate

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